Guitar Gadgets

Guitar Gadgets is a compilation of "false" analog guitar pedal simulations, made to be used mainly with electric guitars and guitar amp simulations, but which may be sound interesting in any situation. The focus here wasn't to design classic effects, but weird, strange, ugly or "different" ones instead.

Effects included

  • Delay Attack : a delay effect which can be controlled by the way you attack the guitar strings.
  • Super Phazor : a phaser effect with a feedback control.
  • Niagara Falls : a bathroom / cathedral / Niagara Falls - like reverberation effect.
  • The Crusher : an effect which brings only destruction and annihilation.
  • Larsenator : a false larsen generator thanks to distortion and feedback.
  • Combulator : a modulated comb filter effect.
  • Miaow Miaow pedal : it's like a Wah Wah pedal, but it does "Miaow Miaow" instead.
  • Microcassette : one particular tape recorder emulation, going a little too far maybe.
  • Slicer : an effect which slices the sound from the guitar at any specified rate.
  • Filtrator : a filter pedal effect like, based on the EMS VCS3 analog filter.
  • Convolutor : a gadget to convolute weird sounds.
  • Marshallizer : a guitar amp tonestack simulation.
  • Little Leslie : an emulation of a rotating Leslie speaker.
  • Sideways : an auto-swell-like effect with chorus.

You can also chain up to 4 gadgets in the same plug-in instance, and use the right click on any control to assign it to any MIDI Control Change (MIDI Learn). Moreover, you have an access to an extra HOT switch, which brings additional warmth to all the audio effects.


Guitar Gadgets is free and available on VST, AU and AAX formats (32/64-bits, Windows and mac OS).

You can find some reviews here.